Idioms and Phrasal Verbs with “Hand”

Phrasal verbs and idioms with "hand"
Phrasal verbs and idioms with “hand”


✦ by hand: by person, manually

E.g: This wedding dress was totally made by hand.

✦ first hand: directly, to experience something by yourself


  • We heard this information first hand.
  • The manager often visits the factory to monitor the progress first hand.
✦ go hand in hand: go altogether, this thing causes the other thing


  • He was spotted going hand in hand with another woman last night.
  • Working hard often goes hand in hand with having little time for ourselves.
✦ hands down: easily

E.g: The test was so easy, he nailed it hands down.

✦ out of hand: not under control

E.g: The fire is out of hand.


✦ hand down: to pass to next generation

E.g: The secret to make this kind of wonderful moon cake was handed down from his grandmother.

✦ hand in: to submit

E.g: All of you have to hand in this report by next Monday.

✦ hand over: to give your power, responsibilities or give things to another person to continue to do

E.g: She had three days to hand over all of her work to the new hire.

✦ hand out: to distribute

E.g: Anna took the candy basket and handed some candy out to everyone in the party.